• Women in business

    Women in business

    24%. That is the proportion of women holding the most senior roles in businesses across the globe, unchanged from 2007. This year's report, 'From classroom to boardroom', tracks the career paths of women, revealing the barriers and challenges to reaching the top of the corporate ladder.

  • Leadership


    The role of leaders in creating successful businesses and driving growth is crucial. How these leaders run their teams and make decisions can be the difference between success and failure. But do the leadership characteristics displayed by leaders vary from region to region? From developed to developing market? From higher growth to lower growth business? And how does this affect the way in which businesses operate?

  • The global economy in 2014

    The global economy in 2014

    How has the outlook for the global economy changed from this time last year? What impact will this have on business growth prospects around the world? Will this translate into more hiring and higher salaries? Drawing on data and insight from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Global economy in 2014 answers these questions and more.

  • Q4 economic update

    Q4 economic update

    Business growth ambitions for 2014 show a remarkable turnaround with developed economies such as Japan, the UK and the US leading the charge while emerging giants such as Brazil, India and Russia are more downbeat.

Press room

23 April 2014
Economic optimism hits seven year high but businesses continue to hold back on investment
Despite positive predictions for global growth this year and increased global optimism, business investment remains stubbornly flat.
26 March 2014
M&A prospects being driven by fastest growing businesses
Global M&A prospects have risen from this time last year, with dynamic businesses – the fastest growing, most agile companies in the survey  – leading the way.

24 March 2014
The rise of the female CEO
Despite a stagnation in the proportion on women in senior business roles, the proportion of female CEO's is on the rise

2 March 2014
Real estate and construction business optimism tempered by weak governance

The majority of businesses in the real estate and construction sector are still not properly insulated against fraud and corruption.

7 March 2014
Support for quotas grows as proportion of women in senior business roles stagnates
The proportion of women in senior management roles has stagnated at 24% leading to questions around what governments and businesses should do.

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