• Outsourcing

    Two in five mid-market businesses around the world either currently outsource a back-office process, or plans to in the near future. That is the key finding from our new report - Outsourcing: driving efficiency and growth - which looks to better understand attitudes to outsourcing: Why and what functions are businesses outsourcing? What is preventing businesses from outsourcing? And how can these obstacles can be overcome?

  • Q2 economic update

    Global business optimism reached an all-time high in Q2 as increased export expectations drive optimism in key markets such as China, Germany, India, the UK and US.

  • Women in business

    24%. That is the proportion of women holding the most senior roles in businesses across the globe, unchanged from 2007. This year's report, 'From classroom to boardroom', tracks the career paths of women, revealing the barriers and challenges to reaching the top of the corporate ladder.

  • Leadership

    The role of leaders in creating successful businesses and driving growth is crucial. How these leaders run their teams and make decisions can be the difference between success and failure. But do the leadership characteristics displayed by leaders vary from region to region? From developed to developing market? From higher growth to lower growth business? And how does this affect the way in which businesses operate?

Press room

20 August 2014
Good CSR makes good business sense
Businesses are being driven towards more socially and environmentally sustainable practices not simply by brand building or altruism, but because it makes good financial sense

14 August 2014
Modi gets AAA rating from Indian businesses 
Indian business leaders are full of optimism and calling for change following the election of Narendra Modi as prime minister.

12 August 2014
Listings and mergers boost technology sector growth prospects
Latest IBR data uncovers the highest levels of confidence ever recorded among the global technology community. 

24 July 2014
Global boost in hiring fails to boost global salaries  
New data suggests firms across the globe are expecting to hire more workers in the next 12 months but this is unlikely to result in significant salary increases.

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